The Philosophy

Asha Savla is a simple down to earth lady. Her humbleness astounds most. She believes that greatness flows through simplicity. From the very beginning she gave top most priority to her family. Her reasoning is simple, work is important, but whom am I working for? Isn’t that simple!?

Before releasing her first Henna book she too faced the dilemma as most artists faced in those days, ‘How can I give away my designs? Everyone will start copying! My designs shall become common!’ But giving in to the relentless coaxing of Ketan she released it nevertheless. And lo and behold, she was flush with newer ideas!! She got it right then & there!! Knowledge, like Money has to Flow. When it flows it grows. You can keep it locked up in the safety of your brain but it stagnates there. She let loose all shackles and brought focus on creating. She created and shared. The more she shared the brighter ideas she was blessed with.

Quality she believes is not an attribute, but the absolute necessity. At Asha Savla Henna we follow the rule that if it is not something we can be proud of, then its better not to do it at all.

There are only two main villains when you’re doing great work. Mediocrity & Complacency. Stand guard against them and greatness naturally happens.