Ranjana Patel – London, UK

I have been using Asha Savla double filtered henna powder ever since I came across it in 2002, since then I have tried henna powders from other suppliers but I always revert to the AS henna for it’s luxurious and consistent quality – super super fine texture and consistently dark stain. More recently when I… Read more “Ranjana Patel – London, UK”

Ahmedunnisa – Hyderabad, Telangana, India

The beautiful dark red stain which I got from these organic henna cones are amazing 😍😍

Trushita Patel – Los Angeles, California, USA

I have been a loyal Asha Savla customer since 2005. I stared my business based on the quality products provided by Asha Ji and Ketan Bhai. They have a complete portfolio of henna related products and much more. The service provided by the team is unparalleled. The ease of transaction and dependability to deliver goods… Read more “Trushita Patel – Los Angeles, California, USA”