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The Henna Vanity

Stylish – Ergonomic – One Wonder – Many Solutions

Designed by Artists for Artists

The Singular Most Useful Accessory for Henna Art Professionals



This is a 3-things-in-1 Accessory which addresses some key issues faced by the Henna Art Professional. Moreover, it does this in a very Stylish and harmonious way


#1 – A Resting Pad

  1. Placement of Hand of the Client on a steady comfortable surface is an absolute necessity for The Henna Art Professional.
  2. Until now this issue was addressed by either carrying a cushion/board of some kind or asking for it from the client, which looks quite unprofessional.
  3. The Henna Vanity is an ideal resting pad to address this concern. Soft padded on both the sides, it takes care not to ache or strain while working on a long hennaing session.
  4. It is just the perfect size to accommodate an entire adult hand upto the elbow.
  5. What’s even better is that ‘The Henna Vanity’ can also be used while just practising and perfecting the next awesome design!
  6. The outer surface of the Henna Vanity is covered with Faux Leather which is smear resistant, meaning in case there is any accidental smearing of Henna Paste on the surface, it can easily be wiped with a semi wet cloth or sponge.


#2 – A Briefcase for Carrying Vital Stuff

  1. The Henna Vanity Doubles Up as an ideal Briefcase to carry all the essential stuff that ‘The Henna Art Professional’ would require while working on assignments.
  2. The velvet finished inside of ‘The Henna Vanity is just perfect to carry…..
    1. Henna Design Albums / Books / Sheets
    2. Henna Cones / Paste – for carrying these ‘The Henna Vanity’ comes equipped with a ‘WET BOX’ for storing all leakable n spillable materials and substances
    3. Also provided is a Spray Bottle which can be filled with Water-Sugar solution*  and placed inside the ‘WET BOX’ (*Usually used by the Henna Art Professionals to prevent the applied Henna from drying and falling off prematurely)
    4. Empty Rolled Cones / Cellophane Sheets
    5. Cellophane Tape & Scissors
    6. Cell Phone and/or Tablet & Power Bank – An inbuilt arrangement allows for easy charging of device without having to separately handle the bulkiness of power banks.
    7. Personal Organizer / Appointment Diary, Notepad & Pens
    8. Tissue Papers / Towels
    9. A small tiffin box & a water bottle
    10. Visiting Cards
    11. Wallet / Clutch
    12. And whatever else needed that can be comfortably accommodated.


#3 – The perfect background for photo-opping the finished work

  1. The Asha Savla Henna Photo-Op Cover – 2 of which are supplied along with ‘The Henna Vanity’ can be stretched over the specially designed construct of ‘The Henna Vanity’.
  2. This Interchangeable Photo-Op Cover provides just the ideal background to shoot the finished artwork. It accommodates almost the entire length of the Hennaed Arm.
  3. Moreover it provides a safety cover for ‘The Henna Vanity’ to prevent against accidental Henna Smearing and resultant stains.
  4. These Interchangeable and Washable Photo-Op Covers are available in vivid and vibrant shades and designs at


Along with The Henna Vanity you get

2 exquisite Asha Savla’s Photo-Op Covers


for carrying all leakable n spillable materials and substances

A pack of Asha Savla’s Triple Filtered Henna

A bottle of Asha Savla’s Mehandi Oil

Empty Rolled Cones

An Empty Rolled Mega Cone

A spray Bottle


A special Built In Jig allows for easy charging of devices without having to separately handle the bulkiness of power banks.


The Henna Vanity is flexible to the comfort of The Henna Art Professional. It can be carried by the soft handle as a briefcase or can be slinged on the shoulder by the soft shoulder pad as a sling bag.


Carry it the way you like it, it sure makes you look stylish and professional.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 49 x 38 x 15 cm

Beige, Blue, Brown, Gold, Maroon, Royal Blue


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