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It all started with need, need to make ends meet. But soon the Need turned into Passion and the Passion Metamorphosed into Legacy!It was the Winter of 1990, when Asha Savla picked the Henna Cone and doodled some random strokes. She liked it, she did more, she liked it  even better this time, so she created a proper design. This time even others liked what she did! There were words of praise and awe and some even urged her pressingly to take this up as a career. She paid heed to the urging. In the summer of 1991 she began teaching as well as opened her diary for taking in assignment bookings. There was no looking back from there. The word of mouth was loud and clear and soon Asha Savla was a recognized name for Hennaing in Mumbai (then Bombay).Kashmira Savla-Dedhia, her 11 year old daughter too joined forces with mother and both started working as a team along with students from ‘Tanvi Institute’ – that is what her henna training academy was initially named.Son Ketan worked as a book stall attendant. So inspired was he with his Mother and Sister’s Art that he started pressing upon them to release their own book of Henna Designs. Mother-Daughter finally gave in to his stubborn demand and in November 1997, Mehandi Creations was released. So began the journey of Asha Savla as a Henna Books Designer. The books’ sales picked up after some initial hiccups. The books found followers from across the world.She chose her student Chhaya for her son Ketan. Chhaya took charge of most day to day activities and even the training Academy. The team of Asha Savla & Kashmira Dedhia was reinforced with the addition of Chhaya Savla. Together they toiled to take Asha Savla Henna to ever greater heights. Asha Savla soon became a prominent name on the Global Hennaing Landscape! Her Academy started drawing students from every populated continent. She embraced technology and started training online!Students and Followers started asking for Henna Powder, Oil & Cones. She and her team innovated to bring benchmark quality professional products for the Henna Art Industry.In January of 2010 she was diagnosed with cardiac conditions. Coupled with her long standing Diabetes, it wreaked havoc upon her health, taking toll of 1 kidney. But the warrior that she was, she even joked with the doctor to take care to extract the correct kidney! By 2018 even her doctors had lost hope and given up on her. She introspected and went into her shell. Little did anyone know that she, like to enigmatic caterpillar was drawing herself inward and enclosing into a cocoon, only to be metamorphosed into a Butterfly! She went vegan and undertook intermittent fasting, and today she has completely re-energized and transformed herself into her present vibrant self. All ready to begin her second innings in this wonderful magic called Life!Behold!! Asha Savla’s most amazing awesomeness is on the way!

Asha Savla is a simple down to earth lady. Her humbleness astounds most. She believes that greatness flows through simplicity. From the very beginning she gave top most priority to her family. Her reasoning is simple, work is important, but whom am I working for? Isn’t that simple!?

Before releasing her first Henna book she too faced the dilemma as most artists faced in those days, ‘How can I give away my designs? Everyone will start copying! My designs shall become common!’ But giving in to the relentless coaxing of Ketan she released it nevertheless. And lo and behold, she was flush with newer ideas!! She got it right then & there!! Knowledge, like Money has to Flow. When it flows it grows. You can keep it locked up in the safety of your brain but it stagnates there. She let loose all shackles and brought focus on creating. She created and shared. The more she shared the brighter ideas she was blessed with.

Quality she believes is not an attribute, but the absolute necessity. At Asha Savla Henna we follow the rule that if it is not something we can be proud of, then its better not to do it at all.

There are only two main villains when you’re doing great work. Mediocrity & Complacency. Stand guard against them and greatness naturally happens.

Being Career Henna Professionals ourselves we are well poised to cater to what our client, student or customer is seeking, we surpass expectations almost always! We are totally cussed on doing just what we are good at and that is Hennnaing – Applying – Training – Producing – Innovating

Meet Our Team

Kashmira is the most fabulous Henna Artist ever born. She literally prints with her cone, so perfect is her work. She is a Master Designer, creating scores of awesome designs each year. She also excels in Bridal Hair Style & Make-up. She looks after Bridal Assignments at Asha Savla Henna.

Chhaya is an amazing teacher. She has instilled confidence and brought out the best in seemingly the most impossible students. She is strict but students themselves are amazed at the way their learning blocks vanish while training with Chhaya. She looks after the Academy at Asha Savla Henna.

Ketan is an innovator by birth. He has a knack for precision. There is one thing though that keeps him bothered all the while, How can any given thing be done even better? He is in charge of production & sales at Asha Savla Henna.